Our Current Projects

Dog Park

Because the Pickwick area has quite a few condos and zero lot line homes, the Friends Group had a goal to provide a safe and secure dog park that visitors could bring their dogs to for fun and exercise. After years of working to make our dream of a dog park a reality, our organization was awarded the Tennessee Dog Park Dash grant through the Boyd Foundation in July 2018. Planning for the park is underway now, with construction expected to begin by September 2018. In the completed park, we hope to have separate areas for small and large dogs as well as playground equipment, pet waste stations, doggie fountains, and benches.


After Ranger Brittney Magness learned of two birds housed in the park, she presented an aviary project to the Friends Group, which began work in September 2016. The aviary now houses several birds, which provide an excellent educational opportunity for children, families, bird lovers, and visitors of all ages and backgrounds! Ranger Brittney also has over 1,000 hours of training and experience with Birds of Prey and brings the birds housed in the aviary to local schools for educational programs with the children.


In order to provide a local venue for concerts, weddings, ranger programs, plays, and more, the Friends Groups submitted a detailed proposal for an outdoor amphitheater to the State of Tennessee in 2012. While the project was approved, we are still in need of funding to bring our vision to life. The amphitheater will be a covered outdoor stage with bench audience seating and provide an excellent gathering place for both local residents and visitors alike!

Do you have an idea for the park or want to help us continue making improvements? You can get involved or contact us for more information today!