Our Mission

The Friends of Pickwick Landing State Park is a 501c(3) charitable organization dedicated to the development of Pickwick Landing State Park. Our mission is to improve the experience for all visitors through the preservation, enhancement, and promotion of our park’s cultural, educational, historical, geological, and biological features, resources, and facilities.

Our Purpose

Our organization is comprised entirely of volunteers who donate their time, efforts, and resources to improve our park and make it a wonderful place for everyone. Our members are proud of Pickwick Landing State Park and view it as a valuable attraction and showpiece for our community. We want to share our park with others, maintaining a local treasure and promoting local tourism.

Our Accomplishments

  • Birds of prey aviary

  • Kayaks (single & tandem)

  • Stand up paddle boards

  • Information kiosk

  • White sand for beach

  • Golf course landscaping

  • Friends website redesign

  • Park entrance archway

  • Canoes

  • Osprey nesting pole

  • Santa Claus House

  • Conference room portable sound system

  • Tennis court repairs & lighting

  • Concrete pads & swings

  • Golf course scoreboard

  • Playground gravel

  • Bicycle racks

  • Butterfly garden

  • Picnic tables

  • Horse shelter

  • Conference room projector

  • Butterfly garden pergolas

  • Golf course yardage markers

Our History

Friends of Pickwick Landing State Park was formed on January 20th, 2006 by a group of citizens who wanted to improve the park and organized under the TN state law allowing for the creation of a Friends of the Park group. This allows our organization to collect tax-deductible contributions, all of which are used to improve the park and provide a memorable experience for its visitors.

Friends of Pickwick Landing State Park Presidents have included:

Thomas Harvill

John Leonard

Jeff Woodside

Marcus Anderson

Our Future

The Friends of Pickwick Landing State Park group is always seeking new ways to improve the park, from beautification and improved recreation to enhanced accessibility and education promotion. Because tourism is so vital to our community, we strive to make improvements that add value and interest to our park. Our hope is that Pickwick Landing State Park remains an important part of our community and attracts visitors who will enjoy their visits and return to enjoy what our park has to offer time and again. Our volunteers are always working on planning and implementing new projects. Interested in participating, sharing your ideas, or becoming a member? You can check out what we’re doing at our event page, follow us on social media for the latest updates, or learn more about becoming a member and contact us right here on our website.